Cleaning Services for COVID-19

This year has been one of the most unique in the history of mankind. COVID has impacted the entire population, entire cities, families and businesses. Our business is there to respond to any need to keep your workplace and home sanitized.

Our cleaning system uses a disinfectant combined with an antimicrobial substance to protect surfaces for up to 90 days. The problem many businesses face is that many of the surfaces are in constant contact (entrances, door handles, knobs, elevators, handles, buttons, and light switch) that can be cleaned with substances that may not guarantee complete cleaning.

With our cleaning system, after disinfecting any surface and environment, we apply a substance that protects the property and furniture as well as surfaces once the place has been disinfected.

When a place is constantly compromised with the entry and exit of people, it is very important to keep disinfecting the area, even if there are few people who enter the area, you must ensure that it is a clean place to avoid any virus spread.


Why You Should Choose Our COVID Cleaning Services

We are a company that specializes in cleaning, remodeling, restructuring and reassembling an environment required and desired by the client. When it comes to mitigating damage caused by water, fire, storms, mold and any other damage, we have a team that is trained in all areas.

Currently our COVID cleaning and disinfecting service is provided to schools, health companies, offices, residences for adults, retailers and private offices. Our experience in remodeling, restructuring and saving assets through cleaning allows us to know the correct ways and procedures to create a safe environment for you, your clients or your family.

Our procedures include disinfecting and also removing biohazardous contaminants. Treatment for any building surface whether is reachable or not.
Fogging to remove any viruses and bacteria from the environment.
This service helps to: reduce the risk of infection and disease. reduce the risk of contamination.
Reduce the time off from your operations in your business.

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